The biggest challenges of EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

  • Having the courage to wake up and not snoozing or resetting the alarm
  • Limiting phone activity to important updates. Neither cute dog photos nor snapshots of last night’s party count
  • Leaving your comfortable mattress, white sheets and heavenly comforter and pillows and immediately taking a shower

Here are 10 tracks to help you get out of bed and get you ready to face the day

Bangarang by Skrillex featuring Sirah

Abandoning sleep, the biggest luxury of adult life, requires tremendous will power. The guitar riffs at the beginning of the song and the full blown EDM that follows provide us the required energy to override the laziness and defeatist attitude programmed in our system.

Believer by Imagine Dragons

The toughest part about the morning is how dull and unexciting it is on its own. I mean, getting breakfast and taking a shower – how can these events be memorable and momentous? Doing these activities with a song like Believer in the background gives you a climax and raises the bar of what the first few hours of your life feels like.

Funhouse by Pink

Pink is badass! She’s the perfect embodiment of channeling frustration and anger to make meaningful and beautiful music. You don’t have to be happy about getting up. You just have to get up and decimate everything in your way.

Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

I might have gone overboard and depicted mornings as an enemy that must be defeated at all costs. But that’s only because I’m not one of the productive morning creatures. Hollaback Girl gives you the anthem to deal with all the shit that’s about to come. And there’s going to be a lot of them – literally and figuratively.

HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar

More often that not, we imagine ourselves as victims of the system. But that can be turned around by putting mornings in its right place – which is something that works for us, not something that we are a slave to. Of course, I am aware, that all of this is imagined.

The Pretender by The Foo Fighters

One of the lines in The Pretender is inspired by a line in Sesame Street. And while you used to watch the show when you were young, this song is what happens to your being 20 years later after your first encounter. You become jaded and full of rage, realizing you’re unwilling to deal with a lot of crap.

Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas

Pump It sounds like a recording made for a Quentin Tarantino film. It’s a ball of energy building up, accumulating and waiting to be released once you get on an exciting and gruesome battle filled with lots of bloodshed. That’s what the day has in store for you and it’s a relief to know you have a soundtrack for it.

Son of a Gun by Janet Jackson featuring Carly Simon and Missy Elliott

Having figured out what makes waking up tough is one way of increasing the ease of dealing with the rest of the day. Janet Jackson has! Then, she puts the irrelevant and inconsequential in their right places.

Stronger by Kanye West

Kanye might have gone overboard with his cockiness and ego. But he definitely serves as inspiration in the confidence and resilience department, areas we need to beef up on if we are to dominate.

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race by Fall Out Boy

Preparing for work is preparing for war! Fall Out Boy’s comeback gears us up for battle and gives us the army and the weaponry to defend our kingdom and conquer others.

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