Playlist: Sick Leave Mondays

It’s the start of another work week. And what better way to start it than to go on sick leave? I have this theory that if companies study data behind the sick leaves filed, majority of them would be on Mondays. Here are 15 songs that explain why.

1 – Because you got high…

Because I Got High.jpg

(Because I Got High by Afroman)

2 – Because you’re not crazy but you feel a little unwell…


(Unwell by Matchbox Twenty)

3 – Because you don’t feel like doing anything…

Lazy Song.jpg

(The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars)

4 – Because you feel working = dog days, and you’re over that…

Dog Days are Over.jpg

(Dogs Days are Over by Florence + the Machine)

5 – Because you’re young, wild and free…

Young Wild and Free.jpg

(Young, Wild and Free by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa featuring Bruno Mars)

6 – Because you want to sleep all day…

Sleep All Day.jpg

(Sleep All Day by Jason Mraz)

7 – Because all you want to do is have some fun...

All I Wanna Do.jpg

(All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow)

8 – Because you don’t want to be just like them…

The Anthem.jpg

(The Anthem by Good Charlotte)

9 – Because you just want to breathe…


(Breathe by Michelle Branch)

10 – Because you want to take a walk…

Take a Walk.jpg

(Take a Walk by Passion Pit)

11 – Because you want to walk away from the troubles in your life…

Walking Away.jpg

(Walking Away by Craig David)

12 – Because you just want to float on…

Float on.jpg

(Float On by Modest Mouse)

13 – Because you want to relax and take it easy…

Take It Easy.jpg

(Relax, Take It Easy by Mika)

14 – Because maybe they’ll leave you alone…


(Teenagers by My Chemical Romance)

15 – Because you don’t want any worry for the rest of your day…

Hakuna Matata

(Hakuna Matata by Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella and Jason Weaver)

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