2017 Music: 2U by David Guetta feat Justin Bieber

I remember back in the 90s when dance and pop music were clear delineations in genre and remixes accounted for majority of EDM. One artist who helped blur the lines and usher in a golden age for DJs was David Guetta. He pushed boundaries and paved the way for the rest. But the once pioneer and groundbreaker now sounds a lot uninspired and acts more as an imitator than a trendsetter.

If the song succeeds, it’ll be due to Justin Bieber’s star power and not Guetta’s skills and beats. Heck, even if Bieber reads the phonebook, it will still get streamed more than 90% of the content in Spotify.

I hope I’m wrong and I eat my words. But the lyrics are generic, the drop is anticlimactic and it’s like a filler on an early, awesome album by Guetta.