Concert Review: A Head Full of Dreams Tour by Coldplay

Here are ten reasons why A Head Full of Dreams is the best damn concert you will ever attend

1 – The live vocal doesn’t fall far from the record

So maybe he never ages. Chris Martin’s voice sounds as pure, perfect and holy as it did back in Parachutes. And it would not matter whether he’s standing still, running, lying down or dancing. Even as he sweats he only gets better.

2 – And you realize, it’s not just the vocals that make them great

, Viva La Vida and Charlie Brown – all their instrumentations sounded familiar the first time you heard it. It’s only because you never imagined such genius would be crafted during your lifetime. And you must believe it. There are living legends among us and you can hear and see Chris, Guy, John and Will perform it in front of your very eyes.

3 – If talent doesn’t win you over, then their good intentions might

You can tell they want to change the world. No matter how cliche and preachy it might come off, they genuinely come across as people who want to make the world a better place. They never run out of well wishes for you or the rest of the world, messages they convey through music and inspiring leaders, and flags, pins and symbols of love and acceptance everywhere. Annoyingly perfect but getting pissed says more about us than them.

4 – Not to mention, they have props

Nothing too over the top. Just ones for light, coordinated fun.They have wristbands that light up! Yes, it changes colors with the song and the mood! BIG balloons! Confetti! Party poppers! Visuals! Rihanna with crazy long nails! Everything happy you can imagine!

5 – The music is also suited for arenas and stadiums

They have anthems that cut across generations and different walks of life. And being together with all of them in a big space, where you can chant and sing and create harmonies to the tune of A Head Full of Dreams, Paradise and Viva La Vida – there is no better sound. All those “Ooooohhhh ooooohhh oooooohhhhh”. GOSH!

6 – Oldplay and Newplay, who cares?

Nostalgia and our reverence for the past will never go away. Even I am guilty of that. But the band will not deprive you of the goodies like Yellow, Don’t Panic and The Scientist. They will not sing all like Shiver, Trouble or Politik. But honestly, with such a rich catalog, they are left with no choice. Even to doubters of Hymn for the Weekend, Up and Up or A Sky Full of Stars, prepare to be amazed. There’s something for everyone, even the ones who continue to live in the Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head era.

7 – Dorks and losers, we all are

You will realize they are foolish like us doing awkward dance moves, sweating like pigs and asking the audience to go down while the volume decreases and then jump once the climax reaches its peak. Ok, they are not like us. But there is something familiar, genuine and sincere about how they project themselves to be. As if we weren’t connected enough

8 – “Mainstream” rock stars

People bash them for being mainstream. But they’ve never denied it. In fact, they embrace it. People can take away their credibility by citing their collaborations with The Chainsmokers, Beyonce and Rihanna. But they own that stage and captivate an audience most rock stars can only dream of. Yes, we want something just like this.

9 – Not for a second are you taken for granted

From all the sold out shows, to the merchandising, to the advertising, they will make millions. But they know they are lucky and how much they owe to their followers. All throughout the show, you can see a band who works hard for their audiences to have a good time. Even if you’re at the farthest possible view, they will check in on you and make every moment of the show worth it. The stage and the visuals are designed so that everyone can enjoy a piece of it. They also aren’t afraid to make a fool of themselves, exert effort for you to feel like it means the world to them. And a fan cannot ask for anything more.

10 – They make you want to weep and hope and love

Fix You and Everglow have become sentimental favorites of a generation coming to terms with expressing their emotions. You will cry. The songwriting and the vocal will break you. But they will leave you with hope and with energy to carry on and move forward.

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